Older adults doing yoga stretching and positionsWhat is this research about?

People living with multiple sclerosis (MS)muscular dystrophy (MD)post-polio syndrome (PPS) or spinal cord injury (SCI) are more likely to struggle to stay healthy as they grow older. They may be dealing with one or more secondary conditions, have problems managing their day-to-day activities, and trouble staying active in their social lives and communities. EnhanceWellness is a community program delivered by Sound Generations locally in Seattle and across the US. EnhanceWellness helps individuals achieve a health-related behavior goal of their choice. The goal could be increasing physical activity, reducing anxiety, or self-management of a chronic condition, among many others.

What does this study involve? 

EnhanceWellness has been shown to work for older adults (it's evidence-based). We're interested in learning if EnhanceWellness will work for people aging with a long-term physical disability. 

Our study volunteers are:

  • 45 and older
  • Living in the King County, WA
  • Living with MS, MD, PPS or SCI

Participation (6 months) in this study included:

  • Filling out surveys, 2 total.
  • Choosing a personal or health goal and working with a Wellness Coach to achieve it.
  • Visits with a Wellness Coach. 
  • Connecting to community resources to help reach peronsal goals. 
  • Thank you payments of $50 per survey, for a total of $100.

How do I learn more about participating in this study? 

We are not enrolling new participants at this time. Please check back for updates!

About the researchers:

Ivan Molton, PhD is a Rehabilitation Psychologist whose focus is on aging and health. Ivan is interested is learning more about how people with long-term physical disabilities age successfully. 

Dr. Sabine Thomas and Nikki Bagli are our community investigators at Sound Generations