New Poster: Health & Wellness Review Paper

Aimee Verrall presented a poster, Scoping Review of Health and Wellness Interventions for People Aging with and into Physical Disability, that described our results of our Search of Data Resources and Research Literature at the American Public Health Association's (APHA) annual meeting in November 2013. The review of the literature looked for interventions that have been or could be used for increasing the health & wellness and community participation of individuals aging with or into disability. The most common interventions we found were exercise, knowledge / educational, psychological, and self-management. The interventions were very similar for people aging with a physical disability (MS, MD, PPS, SCI), those aging without a physical disability, and those aging into physical disability (osteoarthritis, stroke). The poster noted there should be increased collaboration across the fields of rehabilitation medicine and aging (gerontology and public health) to collaborate or adapt interventions for people aging with a long-term physical disability.