Aging with a Disability in the Workplace

Investigators: Kurt Johnson, PhD and Patricia Brown, PhD

This project has 3 studies:

  1. We will look at the current state of vocational rehabilitation (VR) services for people aging with a physical disability. We will identify VR practices that are successful.
    • We will review RSA-911 Case Report Data, which is a huge report containing each state's vocational rehabilitation agency data. We will pull out cases that are for people aging (over 45 years of age) with MS, MD, SCI, or PPS and look at how VR are services are being used. 
    • We will interview key informants (vocational rehabilitation agency staff).
  2. We will look at the experiences of people aging with MS, MD, SCI, and PPS are in the State Vocational Rehabilitation Services program. We will interview people aging with MS, MD, SCI, and PPS who have used the VR services and talk with them about their experiences. 
  3. We will study employment outcomes of people aging with MS, MD, SCI, and PPS by looking at the data collected from our longitudinal survey

The enrollment for these studies are currently closed. These studies are complete and analysis is currently ongoing.