We're on UWTV 360: Spotlight on EnhanceWellness Study

UWTV's 360 program 'Aging with Grace' features our EnhanceWellness study. In this study, we're seeing whether an evidence-based program developed for older adults will work for people aging with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, or post-polio syndrome.

The EnhanceWellness program was originally developed in a community partnership between the University of Washington's Health Promotion Research Center and Senior Services. EnhanceWellness is a community program that Senior Services supports its delivery at community centers, senior centers, YMCAs, and other places, both locally in King County and throughout the United States.

EnhanceWellness is a sort of umbrella program that is individualized to each person. Through EnhanceWellness people are connected to other evidence-based programs. For instance, the person featured in this story participated in A Matter of Balance, a falls prevention program that was offered at her local senior center, Northshore Senior Center