Studies Looking for Volunteers!

Two of our studies are open and seeking volunteers!

  1. Surveys - We're funded to continue our previous survey, where we have about 1,500 people already participating. We're opening up the survey for new people with MS, MD, PPS, or SCI to join. For this study, we will send participants 3 surveys over the next 4 years. The surveys will arrive in the mail and you will fill them out on paper with a pen. You may also call us and we'll do the survey over-the-phone. The survey will ask questions about access to health care, quality of life, coping and resilience, as well as severity of your symptoms like pain, fatigue, depression or other chronic conditions. Participants will receive a check for $25 after the we get each survey back. You may live anywhere in the U.S. to participate in our survey.
  2. EnhanceWellness Program - This is a community-based program run by Senior Services of King County that has shown to help older adults improve their health and wellness. We're seeing if the program will also benefit people aging with MS, MD, PPS, or SCI. For this study, you'll decide on a health goal and meet with a wellness coach to work on achieving it over 6 months. Participants will fill out surveys at the beginning and end to help us see if the program works. Participants will receive a check for $50 at the beginning and at the end of the study, for a total of $100. Note, you must live in King County, WA to participate in this study.

Would you like to learn more? Contact us! 1-866-928-2114 or email us